silvermane3 (silvermane3) wrote in mainefurs,

Gaming Night

Gaming Night will be November 12th at 6pm at my place! If you have any questions or need directions please ask. As usual we will be continuing our D&D campaign if you want to join in bring dice, a character sheet (we're playing version 3.5), pencils, books, money for foods, and any snacks or drinks you want.

A summary of events thus far: After being somewhat forceably transformed into a werewolf the rouge of the group is beginning to feel the weight of the moon on him. The fighter of the group is coming to terms with his fear and is leading them to the temple of a local wolf deity to find out how his village got transported to where it is. A mysterious druid has joined the group, and a cleric from the village is joining the fray. This is a brief summary.

Again November 12th at my place in Westbrook, Maine.
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