Mainefurs BBQ - Sat May 7th

NightSpiritWings will be hosting the second annual Maine Furry BBQ this year (cause she rocked the first one so much).

It will again be held at the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth. Saturday, May 7th starting around 11am-ish and continuing until people get tired.

It's potluck, so bring food. It's a park, so bring balls, frisbees, drones other happy-fun-time activities.

We had a lot of fun last year and hope to see more furs come this year.

For more information, check out Welcome or reach out to NSW.
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Brunswick Bowling Meet - January 09, 2016

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Saturday 09 January 2016, 02:00pm

Location Yankee Lanes, 276 Bath Road, Brunswick, ME
Fursuits: Welcomed and encouraged!

January 2016 Maine FurBowl

Cost: $14 with shoe rental; $10.50 without. Directly pay the cashier at the bowling alley.
This cost is for two games.
I will be calling to negotiate a possible lower cost. We'll see what happens.

Please see below for an additional explanation of the cost increase.

Snow dates: If there is a snowstorm in Maine, the bowl will be pushed to the following week.
Snow date #1: January 16
Snow date #2: January 28th (23rd skipped because of ANE)
Snow date #3: February 6th
Snow date #4: Meet canceled

The location has changed
The location has been moved to Yankee Lanes for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason is the previous location does not have a snack bar, it instead has a full-on restaurant so if anyone wanted a snack they'd have to settle for a full meal. Yankee Lanes has a snack bar. Second, Yankee Lanes is a larger facility and they don't get as much business. At the last meet we had to compete with two birthday parties which meant long line waits for shoe rental and bowling in the dark because they turned on the party lights.

Cost increase explanation:
The reason why the cost jumped so high is because of a few factors. First off, we were using a discounted rate last time we bowled and that was a one time deal that we can't get again. This meant the cost per person was less. Second, Yankee Lanes is a tiny bit more expensive. Finally, this cost includes shoe rental so it will be less for anyone who does not need to rent shoes.

Hope to see lots of furs there! REEOW!

If you have questions, I'd be happy to forward them to Novar on your behalf


It snowed again.
And not a light dusting, either.
This can't be right.
Must be a hallucination.
I will ignore the snow, put on swim trunks, and go out back to get a tan.

The Unrelenting Frost

Some Nature Spirits just won't give up.
It's snowing again.
A small dusting of flakes, but still snow.

And meanwhile in the rest of New England, other furries are already getting out there air conditioners and sun screen oil. :-D
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Of course it snowed today. After the start of beautiful weather yesterday, the sky said "fooled ya" and sprinkled a light dusting of snow over the state.

Damn it.
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It rained today. Which is significant for a few reasons. First, it was actually warm enough to rain instead of snow (though I think it started as sleet). Second, the rain melted a lot of the mountain ranges of snow, so Maine is looking less like the set of Day After Tomorrow 2. Thirdly, all that rain and melted snow is draining into my basement. :P

But soon Spring will officially be here. And with that, outdoor fun and hiking!
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Does anyone else read this Journal?


I'm taking this thing here, if no one else wants it.

Also calling dibs on this, I've wanted one for my bike for some time.
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