silvermane3 (silvermane3) wrote in mainefurs,

OOB Meet

I am planning one last meet before summer closes out. It's a beach meet that will be at Old Orchard Beach on Saturday August 13th.

We plan to be there starting at 10am and staying til whenever we are all sick of sea water ans sand. Please be aware that parking will be around $10 to $20 so car pooling is recommended. Please bring snacks, drinks, whatever foods you want, there are also plenty of places o eat around the beach. Also bring towels, bathing suits, sun tan lotion. We'll be bringing some fun things to play as well, bring whatever you would like to bring.

Please look for a wolf paw flag to identify the group and please let us know who is coming so we have a head count. Last time we went we saw Elvis, seriously the king was there! :)

Anyone from Maine, New Hampshire, and Mass is welcome to come.

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